Strike Out Targeting is the spreading awareness of surveillance at MLB, NFL, and NBA stadiums/arenas. Each year we will decide on a particular day to host Strike Out Targeting Events.  Click here and here for events happening in your area.

If you are interested in organizing or being a part of the events, please contact Brian Marks (Administrator accounts on this site) at (716) 537-6276, Gina Risner at (816) 213-1985, or Reginald Dawson at (904) 405-2490, or clicking here.

To purchase sweatshirts, hoodies, or t-shirts:

For NFL Games (Sack Surveillance Abuse): Click Here!

For Baseball (Strike Out Targeting): Click Here!
Large Logo Shirts, Click Here

For Basketball (Slam Dunk Targeting): Click Here!

#UnAmerican Shirt (Political / Music Events): Men:, Women:

#UnBritish Shirt (Political/Music Events): (Men's & Women's Sizes Available): Click Here!

Order your shirts early for each event in your area so it won't be too late!
The shirts print out every 3 days and usually take a week after printing for shirts to be delivered. You want to get the shirts early to make sure you get them in time.  T-shirts are mandatory for Strike Out Targeting Events.

Even if you do not plan on going to one of the events, please buy the t-shirts. This will help us as far as funding is concerned for the events. We need to stop the targeting NOW and we need all of your support! 

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